Now, having said all that, this is a farewell to copy cat price cutters, big name competitors who can crush free enterprise and user choice through unethical practices, and people who really shouldn't be in business at all.

This is a "Hello" to old and new customers who believe that all business should be conducted on the basis of mutual benefit, fair dealing, and development of long term relationships.  If this makes sense to you, please give me a call, personally, at 205.854.2611 or drop me an email to  I would like to tell you how this new business plan works. I can assure you of one thing. You've never seen anything like it, by a dam site. See picture above!
On a closing note to those who have followed my personal comments, with not so much interest in business; you can continue an exchange of ideas by becoming friends at All the best to you and yours for 2017 and beyond!

Burch Falkner and all the Falcon Team
We are At your Service!

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