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Analog radio product information

Digital radio product information

In just a few short years.......

HYT (now  the analog radio product division of Hytera) became one of our top selling radios.  There are a variety of reasons, but innovation, quality, and performance lead the list of why HYT  and Hytera DMR digital radios are becoming the radio of choice for church, public safety, and school users, and now Number Two in worldwide 2-way radio sales!

The price is right, in particular when your purchase from Falcon Direct on our Best Value pricing plan.  This unique plan  includes free programming and shipping with no surcharge for credit card payment, a total satisfaction guarantee and free tech support, in English, by phone or email.  We have a demo plan, extended payment terms and a low price guarantee.

We like HYT and Hytera.  We think you will too!

Technical specifications, Best Value pricing, and on-line ordering is available by clicking here, or on the image at the left.  If you don't see the desired model, please visit our web store by clicking here.

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