Fixed alert monitor receiver

Frequency range - 29-512 MHz
Channel capacity - 1
Two tone decode standard
Up to 4 tones per channel
Auto or manual reset
Alert flasher
Internal alerting alarm
Telescoping antenna
On/Off switch
DC wall power supply
Free programming included
Factory Warranty - 1 years parts and labor
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Substitute CTCSS decoder.  This is a no charge option if you prefer CTCSS decoding instead of the standard Two-Tone decoder.  P/N 2TCTCSS


Add CTCSS decoder.  This provides the capability for the 2TR9 to respond to both Two-Town and CTCSS tones  P/N 2TCTCSSD


Substitute DTMF decoder.  This provides DTMF decoding instead of the standard Two-Tone decoder.  P/N 2TDTMF


RSO Relay board.  Provide a relay to control external devices (doors, lights, etc.) P/N 2TRSO


Battery Back-Up.  Provides continued operation in the event of an AC power failure.  P/N 2TBBU $35.00
Programming Kit.  Provides the capability of doing your own programming.  


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