Motorola CP185
     Replaces the Motorola CP125


There have been many models of Motorola commercial grade radios that are well suited to business usage including the P100 series, the HT90 series and the GP300 (a longtime favorite).  Several years ago, the  P1225, and SP50 series were popular but are no longer current.  More recently, the CP150 and CP200 became very popular with both public safety and corporate users. Still, these radios incorporated features and capabilities that were not required for construction, manufacturing, school, and security users who needed a quality product at moderate cost.  To address that need, Motorola introduced the CP125 in August of 2005. The CP125 an CP150 were then replaced by the CP185.  The CP125 and CP150 will no longer be available for ordering after June 30, 2009.

The CP185 comes in two different models - the 5 watt standard VHF model with up to 4 channel capability and the 4 watt UHF model with the same features.  Like all Motorola commercial grade radios, the CP125 is subjected to MIL-SPEC 810 eleven point testing, IPX4 rain testing, and Accelerated Life Testing.  Features such as an LCD display, internal VOX capability, and PC programmable frequencies rather than a fixed internal list are generally found only in more expensive radios.  The CP185 measures just 4.82 x 2.28 x 1.46" and weighs a mere 12.38 ounces.

 For more information, click here for an on-line brochure!      The standard CP185 is supplied with a 1500 mAh long life Ni-MH battery, 3 hour rapid desk charger, pocket clip, user guide, and a two year total service warranty.    

 CP185 replaces CP125 and CP150

  STANDARD FEATURES                   

• Standard 1500 mAh Li-Ion Battery
• Drop-in 3 hour Rapid Desk Charger
• Antenna and belt clip
• 16 channels with priority scan                                                    
• 2 Year Rapid Return Warranty
• MIL-SPEC, IPX4, and ALT reliability
• Choice of 5W VHF or 4WUHF
• Built in scrambler and VOX
• LCD channel display
• 25 or 12.5 kHz channel spacing
• Covers 136 - 174 or 435 - 480 MHz band
• PC programmable (with optional PC kit)





Motorola CP185 Portable Two-Way Radios


Motorola CP185, VHF 16 channel 5 watt radio. VOX Included*
*Internal VOX - Allows hands-free operation. When used with a headset, your hands are free to work because your voice and not the PTT button, activates transmission.



Motorola CP185, UHF 16 channel 5 watt radio. VOX Included*
*Internal VOX - Allows hands-free operation. When used with a headset, your hands are free to work because your voice and not the PTT button, activates transmission.


Batteries Options for CP185


Motorola CP185 spare battery, Motorola original 
1500 mAh Lithium-Ion replacement for standard battery
 Part # PMNN4063-R


Carrying Options for CP185


Replacement Motorola CP185 2" pocket clip
Part # HLN9844


Speaker-Microphones and Headsets for CP185


Motorola CP185 Speaker-Microphone
Remote Push-to-Talk Microphone with built in external speaker
Part # HMN9030A



Motorola CP185 Lightweight single muff headset
Headset for private listening
Part # HMN9013


Chargers for CP185


Spare Motorola CP185 3 hour Drop-In Charger
Part #: PMTN4087



Programming cable and software for CP185


Motorola CP185 Ribless programming cable
Part # DSK001C706


Programming software (CPS) 3 year subscription
Order this item directly from Motorola.  For additional
information, please visit


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