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Firecom from Falcon Wireless Direct means different things to different users.  Most people think of Firecom as  vehicle Intercom system manufacturer, and indeed they are, but the fact is that Firecom products serve a variety of needs for different users.  Our job is to tell you what is available, what it does, the benefits, and how to price the product or system best suited for your individual needs.  We will start with the most important part of the system - the headset!

The basic purpose of a headset is to (a) protect the hearing of the user, (b) to provide compliance with applicable NFPA and OSHA requirements, (c) to improve communications with co-workers, (d) and to reduce background noise while transmitting or receiving on a 2-way radio.  There are several different types of headsets.  


Firecom has been manufacturing the best of the best in hearing protection and fireground communications for a long, long time.  So long, in fact, that it may be time to trade in older system for the newer long range wireless systems.  That is why can receive up to a $150 trade-in allowance for your old headsets when your trade up to the latest Firecom headsets.  Details are available by clicking here.


Current pricing on the new Firecom headsets, both wired and wireless, are available by clicking here.  The prices listed are subject to quantity discounts.  Call Candice Staggs at 800.489.2611 for special pricing now available.


And one last thing - There is a brand new digital high ladder intercom now available.  For additional information, click here.


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