American made communications products.......  

by Ritron, Inc. are affordable, reliable, and provide special features and functionality available nowhere else.  

Our Portable Radios are available in 8 and 10 channel VHF license free models with prices starting at under $200.  These are commercial grade radios designed for rugged use and low cost of ownership. They are are ideal for church, construction, retail, and plant use.  Best of all, no FCC license is required, and there are no monthly airtime charges! VHF and UHF models for FCC licensed operation are also available.

Our Fixed Station Radio at the left is totally unique.  It even includes a built in weather alerting channel and an optional mobile installation kit for vehicular use.  There are no batteries to charge or replace.  Works from -12 VDC or 110 VAC.  The device at the right is a battery powered Quick Assist Calling Unit.  At the press of a button, a pre-recorded voice message is instantly transmitted to all radios in the area.  It is ideal for use in retail stores, plant production lines, etc.

At the left is the battery powered Quick Talk Emergency Calling System.  This device can be connected to monitor equipment, used as a part of a security system, or connected to personal call buttons.  The applications are virtually unlimited!  At the right is the new Door Call Wireless Intercom.  Ideal for day care centers, fire stations, warehouse docks, and other secured areas, this unit provides 2-way communications between outside visitors and in-building personnel.

The Wireless PA System is available in two versions.  The LPA model shown at the lower left connects to any wired PA system to provide access directly from any of our MURS radio products.  Optionally, we offer the totally wireless LoudMouth PA for both indoor and outdoor use.  The CALLBOX shown at the lower right provides extended range wireless communications between visitors at remote locations, gates, or scales. One model even has the ability to remotely control gate openings from our portable or fixed station radios! 

For UHF licensed use, we offer the incredible 2 or 5 watt Liberty Repeater (shown at  the far left) to provide extended range between portables (Click here for a short video), as well as the TeleSwitch shown to the right of the Liberty Repeater. The TeleSwitch allows provides remote wireless control of machinery, lights, pumps, and other devices directly from a keypad equipped 2-way radio! For additional information, call us at 800.489.2611 or visit for information on license free radios.

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