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September Specials   


Falcon Direct is delighted to announce the availability of affordable long range personal intercoms. The new BP Series Wireless Belt Pack units provide direct, crystal clear communications for up to 1500 feet!

Two models are available - The BP5-10 is compatible with all Firecom headsets including dual muff, single muff, lightweight headset, or bone conduction models to operate as wireless intercoms or extended access to 2-way radios. The BP3-10 is available for use with headsets by Cobalt A/V, David Clark, Sigtronics, and other popular brands. With a Wireless Belt Pack, your existing wired headsets can be "cut loose" to give field operations personnel full mobility on the scene or you can add a radio interface to allow direct wireless connectivity and control of your 2-way radio from anywhere on the scene.

Models are available that are especially designed for Airport Use, EMS, Fire, Industrial Plant, Transportation, and even Wrecker Services plus a host of applications too lengthy to list. The bottom line is that unlike low powered Bluetooth devices, the BP Series transceivers operate at full power in the uncluttered 1.9 GHz band. If used with Firecom headsets, you have the benefit of an efficient noise cancelling microphone that works well under extreme noise conditions. As a matter of fact, we'll put our system up against the top brand 2-way radios - analog or digital, regardless of brand, and we'll beat them every time in terms of speech clarity, ease of use, purchase cost (and cost of operation).

Like to see a demonstration? Just give us a call at 800.489.2611. Want more information before you call? Click here!

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