What's a little cat got to do with business?

Actually, quite a lot!  Those who have the time to care for the needs of stray critters will probably never be the biggest in business.  That's because their focus is not primarily on making money, but in serving the needs of others.  That is the mindset and the attitude of all of us here at Falcon Wireless.  We're not trying win an award or beat competition.  We are trying to do our best for those we serve.  BTW, the cat is one of many who have chosen us to take care of them.  Currently we have three cat residents and a number of other visitors from the animal kingdom.


On a more serious note, we do have specific areas of service, primarily involving the use of wireless communications products to help people who serve others to do their job better.  Among those included in this objective are golf courses.  Our objective is to help course administrators to make the player experience the best it can be while simultaneously controlling expense.  


In general, golf course communications falls into several different categories as follows:

Grounds Keeping - Efficient watering is critical to course management.  Radios can be used for selective control of irrigation pumps.  Historically, these radios have been expensive to purchase and maintain with an average cost in the $600 range (or more).  Today, we can cut that cost in half with a new generation of radios capable of both analog and digital operation.  See http://info4u.us/CS700-Golf.pdf for additional information.

Administrative Communications (Secure) -
We've got a great little radio for executive staff.  This little (and we mean LITTLE) radio has digital voice privacy for administrative use plus text messaging for private use when you are in conference.  The price is right, at around $300 each. The price may be slightly more than a consumer grade analog radio, but the quality and performance will be long remembered after the initial cost is forgotten.  A three year warranty puts the frosting on the cake. See  http://info4u.us/PD362.pdf for more information.

Guest Services personal communicators - 
We offer a dandy little radio that is ideal for F&B, cart management, and guest services. It weights just over 5 ounces, is easy to wear, and the price is right, just $129 including a built in weather radio and we'll throw in a privacy headset for just $20 more!  A two year warranty makes this radio an outstanding value! An optional  six unit multiple charger adds just $289.  More info at http://info4u.us/tj3000.pdf.

Specialized Communications - Check out our pro shop control base radio, our quick assist and 2-way call boxes to improve player services. And, if your radios don't talk as good, or as far, as they did before narrow banding; we offer a full line of affordable and efficient repeater stations to give you that extra coverage you need in remote areas.  And lastly, if you want and efficient and affordable mean of quickly alerting players when bad weather is headed your way, check out our LoudMouth wireless emergency warning system.

In conclusion, one of the things that makes us totally unique is a willingness and a commitment to provide you with the type of information you will find nowhere else.  For example, you may want to visit Our Library for answers to questions relating to FCC licensing, repeaters, and a variety of other topics relating to wireless communications.  You can click here to go to Our Library, or better yet, just call me at 205.854.2611 or email ServingU@The-Communicators.net for assistance of any type.

Candice Staggs
At your service!

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