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October 1, 2014
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Working together to serve those who serve others!

The City of Birmingham, like cities all over the USA, is in transition. Mayor William Bell, community leaders, concerned citizens, and the corporate community have decided the transition could be a continued deterioration of neighborhoods, or the opportunity to take back and revitalize communities, one at a time; to make Birmingham a better place to live, work and play.

The first phase of the initiative began in the Woodlawn community with the establishment of the Community Policing and Revitalization (C.P.R.) Initiative over five years ago. Much progress has been made, but there is still much work to be done. After initial discussions with Mayor Bell and C.P.R. Executive Director, Renita Higgins, it was concluded that a new program, called NeighborNet, could be of significant benefit in meeting a common goal of putting the Magic back in Birmingham.

We'll be telling you more about NeighborNet  and other community service programs in  this  eNewsletter as well as information on  new products developed especially for those who serve others. Click here for more information.

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An Introduction to NeighborNet!
Protects People, Places, and Property with more efficiency, lower cost, and enhanced safety through community partnerships and advanced wireless technology!

NeighborNet is a total community safety solution to serve the needs of people in peril, places at risk of burglary or property at risk of fire, theft, or vandalism.  The people at risk can involve home alone individuals (disabled, elderly, those under protective orders etc.) Any business or institution handling money, prescription drugs or items of value is at risk, both by armed robbers and after hours burglary.  High value mostly unoccupied property (churches, schools, offices etc.) are at risk. 

NeighborNet can provide quick response to any of the aforementioned needs by providing instant notification to first responders, both public and private as well as providing incident command capability in times of mass emergencies such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes as well as airport, highway and rail transportation emergencies.  Additionally, NeighborNet can coordinate activities between hospitals, transportation providers, utilities, and volunteers.  There is nothing else quite like NeighborNet!  For additional information, click on the PLAY arrow below.

DeArmanville School Protected by ActionAlert!
Oxford Alabama school system first in the nation to install new ActionAlert system to protect staff and students.

ActionAlert, developed by Falcon Wireless, provides an efficient and affordable emergency notification system that provides every classroom and activity area with personal wireless emergency call buttons. The is less than $100 per room or office.  When activated, a central processing system receives the digital call button code, then translates it into a voice message for transmission to radios used in the school as well as text message format.

The text message is sent directly to cell phones and PC's both within the school plus school administration and the Oxford Police Department.  The complete central processing system is less than $4,000 including on-site installation, training, and support!  Want to know more? Click here!
Hospitals cut cost and increase efficiency!

Baptist Hospitals link multiple facilities for efficiency and savings!

Multiple hospital ownership in regional geographic areas is a common and growing trend. The benefits are obvious - More efficiency in times of need and cost savings by reducing redundant services. In Montgomery, AL, Security Director Suzie McMahon, recognized the need to be in constant contact with officers traveling between hospitals and centralized dispatching.

The three Baptist hospitals in the Montgomery area - East, North, and South were already connected with a broadband network and Hytera digital radios were being used in all three locations. As it turned out, the Hytera repeaters and portable radios were already capable of a feature called Site Roaming.

In essence, activation of this feature allows all radios on the system to be part of a common dispatch system while simultaneously providing travel between all three hospitals. Contact is retained at all times with the home hospital, enroute between hospitals and while at another facility.

If you would like to know more about Hytera affordable digital communications, check out Hytera-Alabama.us and if you have multiple hospitals, manufacturing plants, or any facility that would benefit by being linked, give us a call at 800.489.2611.
This is the place where monsters live!
It looks like Paradise, but in this place of mountain green, a monster lives, and it's mean!

This is Dickenson County Virginia, in the heart of the Cumberland plateau.  It's a beautiful place and until recently, a place where VHF radios adequately served the needs of first responders.  And then - the Monster showed up!
The name of the Monster - NARROW BAND, which severely reduced the operating range of public safety radios - the mobiles, not so bad - portables, REAL bad!

Fortunately, this story does not end on a sad note.  That's because Dickenson County has a white knight, locally known as E911 Director, Matt Slemp.  Matt has been around for awhile, and he has some pretty good contacts, one of which is us!  And that proved to be a good thing because we have a solution.  It's called a BlueBox-VX.  This incredible little device just plugs into an existing mobile radio to provide portable coverage that equals that of the mobile - not just for a few hundred feet away from the mobile, but MILES from the mobile!  And, it works in band (VHF-VHF) so you don't have to buy new radios or spend a fortune on vehicular repeaters.  Want to know more?  Click here!

Hands Free Radios Coordinate Wrecker Service Operations

Conway Diesel and Wrecker service can handle the REALLY big jobs with high tech hands free radios! 

Many of us think of a wrecker service being a guy with a tow truck to rescue stranded drivers and a little night time activity in recovering vehicles for creditors. There is another kind of wrecker service - the ones that handle the big jobs like wrecked eighteen wheeler's, and even an occasional helicopter!

Conway Wrecker Service of Evergreen, AL is one of those that can take care of the big jobs - not just a guy in a tow truck, but two or three people working together as a coordinated team to move heavy equipment safely. That's where we come into the picture. Terry Conway needed a way to talk to his on scene crews, reliably, securely, in all kinds of weather, and just to add the frosting on the cake - HANDS FREE!   To learn more about long range hands free communications, click here!
Big Hospital + small radios = More efficiency, safety, and savings!
Little radios cover BIG hospital and save lots of money. Learn how St. Vincent's Hospital gets more for less!

Hospitals have very special communications needs. Personal 2-way radios are used by administrators, clinical technicians, housekeeping, maintenance personnel, nurses, security, patient transport, emergency room and operating room personnel, along with Code Blue teams, anesthesiologists, lab technicians, even doctors (along with some others that we may have overlooked).
Unfortunately, HIPAA requirements, multi-shift operations, battery life, purchase and operating cost, coverage in large multiple buildings, and user reluctance to wearing bulky radios that stab the wearer in ribs, all contribute to the problems facing hospital administrators today. You may find it hard to believe, but a three hundred dollar radio addresses and deals with ALL these issues! It's called the PD362 by Hytera Communications. Click here for more information!
Getting to know our Premier Partners.......

Critical Response Systems of Norcross, GA - Our featured partner for the month of October!

The NeighborNet system is essentially based on SparkGap technology developed by Critical Response Systems (CRS) in Norcross, GA - a small American company with BIG ideas. The concept of community networking has evolved from the development of county wide interoperability provided for Monroe County (Rochester), NY and an integrated patient care system developed for Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore, MD).

CRS is a privately owned American company, located on the outskirts of Atlanta, GA.  The close proximity to Birmingham,  along with the entrepreneurial spirit and technical skills of James Dabbs and Brian Cliase, were a perfect match for us. The products, and the company, fit perfectly with our goal of developing safer communities through more efficient interoperability between first responders and community volunteers.  We are proud to be associated with CRS.  As you get to better know this company, and the products they offer, you'll see why the decision was made to work together. We're glad to be a part of the team!
A Final word.......

Meet Adalynn Marisa Jones who arrived on this planet September 29th. Adalynn reported for duty weighing in at 8.6 pounds and a height (length?) of 21 inches.  Mother Joy, a key member of the Falcon Team, is doing fine.  Daddy Chris is planning to sleep for a week.  We don't think so...

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