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are not recording phone and radio calls, you are missing out on three very important benefits (four if you are involved in firefighting activities) that are far more valuable than the small cost of a good digital recording system.  Here the are!

Improved Administrative Control

Whether you are managing a small office, a remote facility, or a dispatch center, you NEED digital logging capability.  Why?  Have you ever placed a call and heard that message For quality assurance purposes your call may be monitored?  Why to you think they included this statement in their caller greeting?  It's because they are recording your call.  Why are they recording your call?  One of the reasons is Improved Administrative Control.  They want to know who is calling, the time spent on each call, the attitude and proficiency of their staff, and how well the needs of callers are being handled.  Many courtrooms are now using digital recorders as a backup or alternative to a court reporter. In law enforcement, digital recorders are being used to monitor calls on jail house pay phones.  We all have different administrative needs, and many of those needs can be addressed with a digital recorder!

Improved Caller Service

In distress situations, people sometimes are not inclined to present their request in a logical and progressive manner.  For example, calls to fire departments with a message something like My house is on fire, come quick and then they hang up?  More commonly, a name or address may be misunderstood and the caller hangs up before the call taker can request clarification. A digital call logging recorder can address these issues and add an additional level of efficiency.  In public safety, institutional, and utility applications, that could equate to saving lives!  In general business and governmental applications, this information can help administrators better manage their activities.  This relates to improved customer service, reduction of errors, measuring employee performance, and planning resource allocations. If you are in business, saving a single customer is of incalculable value.  The benefits of Improved Caller Service are worth much more than the small one-time investment in a digital call logging system.

Litigation Avoidance

The average cost for "going to court" in our area is generally estimated at ten thousand dollars ($10,000) or more.  If you can spend a few thousand dollars to avoid going to court, that investment is well spent.  In general, we have concluded that most civil court cases are conducted because of a misunderstanding, or a condition we refer to as "unfilled expectations".  When two people disagree, and you are one of those two people, it behooves you to have some evidence supporting your position.  A digital recorder is fair and impartial.  It records the entire conversation and stores it on a PC hard drive, CD, or both for use as required.  You can look up calls by date, time, or Caller ID.  You can even email audio files to another party.  There are a number of ways to provide litigation avoidance, or just simple dispute resolution.  Nothing is more effective that a digital logging recorder!

ISO Compliance for Fire Departments

The majority of our customers are involved with public safety with the majority of that majority involved in fire and rescue.  As these users know, ISO requires recording of all communications involving fire fighting activities, whether with the public or internal communications relating  to service to the public.  Those departments that do not comply suffer a loss of rating points, and a loss of rating points translates directly to higher insurance rates to all citizens served by that department.

Of all the voice logging recorders available, we have narrowed our choices down to two basic models which serve the needs of the majority of those we serve.  They are the TC-02F two channel model, and the TC-04F which provides up to four channels.  For the same of definition, a "channel" is an input.  An input can be either a phone line or an audio output from a 2-way radio.

Both the TC-02F and TC-04F are completely self contained recorder/playback units with internal hard drive providing up to 7200 hours of recording time.  This equates to about three years of service for the typical fire department.  A USB jack on the back of the unit allows data to be transferred to an external storage device or to a PC.  You also have the option of reviewing data on a regular PC monitor if desired.  Nothing else, at anywhere near the price even comes close to the TeleCorder TC-02F and TC-04F models.

You'll like the pricing - just $995 for the two channel TC-02F or $1,085 for the four channel TC-04F.   The new TCwL-B4 has all the features of the TC-04F plus LAN connection capability. You can order on line using the EZ-Buy buttons below. 

         TeleCorder TC-02F & TC-04F         two & four channel voice logging recorders
with hard drive, USB and built-in player



  • Simultaneously record and playback
  • Self contained, does not require a PC
  • Can be controlled from a PC via USB connection
  • Simple plug-and-play installation
  • Highly efficient, consumes less than 15 watts
TeleCorder from Falcon Direct


         TC-02F & TC-04F
      with internal hard drive
and USB access to recordings


TeleCorder 2 channel Model TC-02F - Just $995                        E-Z Buy from Falcon Direct

TeleCorder 4 channel Model TC-04F - Just $1,085                     E-Z Buy from Falcon Direct

TeleCorder 4 channel LAN Model TCwL-B4 - Just $1,190         E-Z Buy from Falcon Direct


              Front with speaker, LCD display, & keypad


                Back with input and output connections
  • Software copies recordings to PC via USB
  • Connects to phone lines, phone instruments,
    or other line level audio sources

  • Economical to purchase and use
  • Ideal for long term unattended recording
  • Record from 1, 2, 3, or 4 sources of audio
  • Passwords (3) to avoid unauthorized access
  • Automatically record all of your conversations
  • Internal hard drive stores the most recent 7,200 conversation hours

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TC-02F & TC-04F recording list as viewed on a PC

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