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Welcome to our Video Library!  This is where you can quickly find some of our most popular You Tube presentations.  We will start with on the more popular videos.

We had to go to Sweden to see it (via the Internet of course).  I speak just enough German to get the drift of what the little lady is saying in her native language, but I think anyone will get the message just by watching the video.  The test involves the radio known as the TP-8000 in the USA.  In Sweden and Norway, it is called the Zodiac Extreme. After you see the video, I think you will understand why this radio is well suited for EXTREMELY tough use.  Click on the link below then click on the play arrow in the panel showing the guy with the shotgun, and Yes, before you ask, he IS going to use it!  After viewing this video, I think you will agree that this is one tough radio, and it may well be the toughest radio in the world!

                                                                              TecNet TP8000 Video

Now, here are some of our other available You Tube videos, available in alphabetical order.

AlarmAlert can help you catch copper thieves as well as protecting you and your property!

Extended Mobile Controller - Control your mobile radio with our long range wireless speaker-microphone from up to to 400 feet away.  Great for public safety incident commanders, law enforcement officers, and bucket truck operators.

LoudMouth wireless PA systems - no wiring or trenching required.  Just plug it in.  Works with existing PA systems or control it with your VHF or UHF 2-way radio!

MuniCom Station - Compact, powerful and affordable 2-way radio fixed office station

On-Site Personal 2-way radios - Affordable and reliable radios for churches, hospitals, retail stores and schools!

ParentFinder wireless nursery to parent notification system for churches.  Also great for all waiting rooms!

Portable Radio Selection Guide shows you to choose the best portable 2-way radio for your individual needs!

StreetCam - An affordable video camera system for police vehicles, EMS vehicles, and wreckers!

Thales Liberty quad band interoperability is TOUGH!  Check out this video to see HOW tough!

Wireless Call Box provides 2-way voice communications from parking lots, loading docks, etc.  Talks directly to radio equipped personnel at distances up to several miles.  Battery operated.  No electrical installation required.

Visit here often.  We are constantly updating this page with new videos!

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